Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


There are two acronyms that are used regularly on the Yahoo group Stashbuster. WITB stands for what's in the box or bag or basket. It is meant to be a decluttering/organization challenge. One of the ladies on the list has 222 bins that she wants to go through. She is working towards a goal of one a week planning to toss or rehome or use the contents. Quite a few of us picked up on this challenge and are working similarly. Not all my B's are quilt related but I may share a few of the quilt related ones from time to time.

I had these three bins sitting next to the door of my sewing room.

I peeked inside all three. Two are projects I bought fabric for and want to make soon. The third had fabric leftover from a quilt top that is now a flimsy. That fabric was intended for the binding but due to miscuts there is not enough. There were some other bits in there. It's all put away or thrown away and I have an empty project bin. Wish they'd all be this easy!

The other acronym is WAYWO which means what are you working on? I thought I'd show my next little project up on the block. This is made from orphan blocks that I got from Grace and are now a top. I have it laid out here selecting thread for quilting and trying to decide on a quilting pattern for it. I plan to donate this to the Mesquite Quilt guild for their miniature silent auction at the next quilt show in June.

I'm thinking about a 1 inch grid crosshatch at the moment. I'll think about it for just a little bit longer before I begin. My other thoughts were to outline stitch around the churndash but the thought of the crosshatch pleases me.




QuiltSwissy said...

my internet is crappy today, so I can't see any pictures. But I like both ideas. If I remember and if I ever get my stuff back together again.......

Shelly said...

Whew! I'm glad I don't have 222 bins to go through! The ones I have are bad enough. This is a good idea. One of my goals is to have fewer bins sitting around with stuff in them.

patty a. said...

222 bins? That is a lot to deal with! I made a vow years ago not to buy any more bins and that if I needed a bin I had to empty one I already owned. It scares me to even think about adding up what I have especially the bins with scraps that I refuse to just toss. I guess I should add that to my list of goals - empty one bin a month. That sounds reasonable! LOL!!! Congratulations for you emptying one!

What am I working on? Finishing the fourth veteran top. Then there that bin I need to get to ...