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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Looking back at 2016

Like many others I'm going through my blog to find out what I accomplished for the year. I was very pleased to see the number of large projects that I brought from the piecing stage to a completed flimsy.

UFOs start of year - 41
UFOs finished - 7

New starts - 12
New starts completed - 5

9 of the UFOs were brought to a flimsy and 2 had major piecing that brought them to a near flimsy. The latter are Bonnie Hunter quilts so you can imagine the work involved.

For the new starts, those not completed were brought to a flimsy except for a tote bag still in the piecing stage.

I repaired an old quilt for a friend. I took it completely apart, quilted and bound it. I got a second quilt from this person and have repaired it. Need to quilt and bi d it now. I even participated in a swap working on three other people's quilts.

i have to admit that I read a blog Karen Quilts. She mainly hand pieces and hand quilts although she has been using the machine a lot more these past two years. I am amazed at what she completes and feel a bit like a slacker because she completes a lot more than I do. Also my yahoogroup stashbuster started a thread called JOT which stands for just one thing. The concept is to do one task no matter how small to move forward on a project everyday. I credit these two things for my forward progress this year.

i hope 2016 was a productive year for you.



Bonnie said...

Listing accomplishments and UFOs helps to keep the focus on what you want to do. I've been trying to whittle down the number of UFO's I have hanging around. I'm making very small dents in them. If I would just start quilting more of the finished tops I could clear out a lot of UFO's. Good luck with your progress in 2017. I like the idea of JOT too. Are you participating in OMG?

patty a. said...

Your accomplishment in 2016 are admiral! There will always be someone who gets more done, but turning that into positive motivation and inspiration is important and it looks like you have done that!