Judy L's UFO Challenge

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Turquoise Happy Blocks

Some years ago, probably 5 or more, I was at Tirane's house. She was working on a quilt and it was too long for the backing she had so she ripped the bottom row off. I asked her what she planned to do with it. I don't recall the ensuing conversation exactly but I am pretty sure I asked for them. I love turquoise!

Fast forward. I had pretty much forgotten these in my orphan bin. When I did bump into them I didn't really think about doing anything with them. Last year a friend mentioned she was decorating her sewing room in turquoise and black. Insert bright lightbulb here...ding!!💡

Last night I started sorting things in my sewing room trying to locate the row of blocks. My daughter moved out so I now also have a stash room. I have moved quite a bit in there and have been grouping and sorting things. This activity has kept me from buying fabric this year. 👀😳 I digress. By moving things out I was able to unearth the blocks.

Last night I unpicked the row and pressed the blocks.

Today I pulled some black out of the stash and cut it up. I joined it with the turquoise blocks. This is what I will be quilting and giving to her.

I hope she likes it. Two UFOs brought to top stage in two days! I'll get back to Wanderlust but needed some variety in my sewing.



patty a. said...

The turquoise and Black quilt is so pretty! I can understand - you just need to change it up a bit or it seems too much like work instead of fun!

tirane93 said...

suh-weet! glad you got some use out of those old blocks!