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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Find of the Century

When we started I was dumping out tote bags and searching for a camera. I have been there for almost 2 months now and not seen the camera. And of course as we have worked a long list of things have been added to my list of things to be on the lookout for. I told Sandra that I was feeling bad that I wasn't finding the things that she was wanting found.

Today I was out on the patio organizing the things out there trying to locate all the paper related to quilting. I have been trying to be very methodical about going through everything as a come to it. She has a rolling walker with a walker bag on it and I kept pushing it back and forth out of my way. I don't know why it popped into my head but I decided I need to go through that walker bag to see what she had in there. And lo and behold there was her camera. She has no memory of putting it in there. She started calling people so that she could share her excitement of having her camera again. I overheard her telling them she needs to put five dollars in an envelope for me to find to keep me motivated to finish the job. That just makes me laugh. The list of objects to find still remains long enough so I feel adequately motivated.

I know Sandra is growing tired of me finding magazine up on magazine but I reminded her that she was the one that brought it into the house one by one and that was how It was going to have to go out. I have invited Linda to come back to help her do a quick sort through the stacks so that we can get them out of her living room. Sandra told me today she's about ready to just tell us to take them all and not even look at them but I know she's not going to stick with that.

She did take a suggestion of mine which was to take the things that she has been bagging up for family members and put them in her trunk to both save space in her house and also to have everything ready when she saw them so that she could pass them along. I look forward to seeing Sandra on Saturday to continue to get things sorted and going out the door so that we can move on to other types of things to sort through.

As as an aside. When I was at the Dallas Quilt Show I had a vendor try to entice me into subscribing to two magazines for two years in order to get a free totebag. I just stood there in stunned silence. If I never saw another magazine of tote bag I think I might be ok with that!

Stay tuned!



patty a. said...

I have a couple of things on my list of items I can't find, but I found one the other day so maybe I owe myself 5 bucks! LOL!! I still haven't found the extra garage door opener. Sounds like you are still making progress at Sandra's. Too funny about the person trying to get you to sign up for magazine subscriptions. Reminds me of the saying not to go to the grocery store when your hungry.

Barb said...

You are a good friend.....and smart about putting things in bags for family members