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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Taming the Paper Dragon

Nick, Nate and I snuck over to Sandras one day. She had talked and talked about getting the leaves behind her fence cleaned up because they were trapping a lot of trash that was blowing down from the neighbors. She had mentioned that she had gotten a citation or two and was really frustrated by that. In a matter of 30 minutes we managed to get all the leaves picked up and bagged up in about 10 large lawn bags. We tried to scrape all the dirt that had accumulated and push it into a ditch made by the trash truck.

We left a good bit of dirt that was hard packed to the ground but with all the rain that we have gotten I'm hoping that it has loosened up and when we return the guys will be able to get it scraped up and pushed off into that same ditch.

I didn't tell her what we had done and I have been over there at least three times now since. She didn't mention that the leaves were gone so I told her I saw that someone had stolen all her leaves. She kept telling me how she needed to go thank the neighbor for removing the leaves. I saw her today and asked her if she got around to thanking her neighbor and she told me no. Linda was with us and I kept giving Sandra hints that I knew all about the leaves but she just wasn't getting it. Linda was in on the secret and was laughing so hard. I told Linda to go ahead and break it to her but she wouldn't. Finally I just showed Sandra the picture shown above but she still didn't get it. I finally just told her that we took bagged the leaves. She told me she was glad I had told her because she would've been embarrassed if she had thanked the neighbor and the neighbor didn't know what she was talking about.

For the last two visits I have been focusing on her enclosed patio. I've been trying to get all the magazines and paper into her house for her to address. She's getting faster going through the magazines but I know that she's getting sick and tired of it as well. I told her that once we got through all the paper that we could start doing fun things like sewing and cutting. She seemed to perk up a little bit at that suggestion. She bought herself a new spool of thread when she was out with me and Linda today and said that she's looking forward to sewing again which was a change from last week when she was saying she may never make another quilt. I told her she could always make the blocks and she would have plenty of help to assemble the top.

I'll be going over there a couple more times this week and plan to take Nick and Nate with me on Saturday to do some heavy lifting and rearranging. I think with some of the changes I have in mind that we will be able to really start making a difference in the bedrooms that we couldn't make a dent in before.

Stay tuned! We are chipping away at it and hopefully we will be calling more areas done soon!




Chantal L. said...

Bless you for doing all this. Heroes are all around us with we care to look. You are one. With the amount of time and energy you have spent on this task, I would say you are a superhero! Love to read Chronicles of Sandra. So happy to hear she is interested in sewing again. That's a great news. ;^)

patty a. said...

The cleaning up of the leaves - my Mom would say "that's a good job done!" I have my own paper dragons so I can understand that hurdle! You posting all about helping Sandra has inspired me to look at my own house and get to work. Thanks!