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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Small Goals and a Stuffed Cat

I went to Sandras on Wednesday. This time I took Nate, 19, and Eunice, 22, with me. I had the goal of getting the laundry room floor totally cleared off and getting anything that was non-quilt related out of the spare bedroom. Eunice worked on the laundry room and did an amazing job. I had told her that I was interested in getting all the hanging clothes that were on the door hung up in their proper place. She got all the clothes pull out of there that were either hanging or laying next to the dryer. These are all clean clothes and she put them on Sandra's bed for her to put away. She also got everything off the floor and quite a bit of quilt items out of there. The transformation was amazing and Sandra was very pleased. Sadly there's still quite a bit that does not belong in there but this is a work in progress.

Nate and I tackled the guestroom. I began by pulling out non-quilt items and taking them into the living room for sorting with Sandra. Unfortunately most of it was quilt related and there's just no place to put it any longer. I ended up stacking some things on the bed, which I really did not want to do, just to get access to a book case that Sandra was interested in pulling all of the books from. That was when I called Nate and asked him if he could safely reach all those books and bring them out to the front of the room so that Sandra could get to them. While he was working back there I went to the living room and continued sorting things with Sandra. He called me back when he was done. Sandra asked if we could strip the bed so she could wash everything. I asked Nate to safely stack things on top of the items already next to the bed. He did as much as he could but there were still things on the bed. I told him to just push them to the head of the bed and strip it from underneath things. Sandra asked if the books could be brought out into the doorway where a little alcove exists. Nate shuffled books and placed them there.

With the few goals that Sandra and I had set accomplished we went about tidying up everything again so that there were no trip hazards for her. We carried all the items that she had decided to let go of out to my car and left with a plan of taking a break from all the decluttering. I won't lie I felt a little sad about having to stop working. I think it's because. I have a little bit of control before and now I will have none. It's all up to Sandra whether she continues to sort and get rid of things now.

I did call her later in the day to discuss the books that she wanted to sort through. She had mentioned that she wanted her sister and our friend Linda to be with us while we sorted them so that they could take what they wanted. So I suggested to her that we all get together Sunday afternoon and go through them. Whatever was not taken I would take and try to sell for her. She thought that was a good idea so we are reconvening Sunday.

When the kids and I got back to my house. We sat down and talked about everything that we had accomplished. They were both excited about what they had done and both wished that they could've done more. Nate looked at me with a very serious look on his face and asked me if I knew that there was a taxidermied cat at Sandra's house. I asked him if it was a sleeping cat in a bed. He said that it was and I explained to him that it was a stuffed cat but it was a toy. We laughed about that and I called Sandra later and told her that story. She thought it was funny.

I can't seem to let Sandra stop so I need to work on my own shortcomings and let her rest. Until later...




Barb said...

How wonderful for all of you to do that for Sandra, you can come here if you want....

Bonnie said...

I am enthralled with your continuing saga with Sandra. She is bravely making changes and you are her intrepid helper/leader. I sometimes think I could be a hoarder if I didn't have a hubby who keeps things neat. Continued wishes of good luck to you as you both move forward.