Judy L's UFO Challenge

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here is the Purple One

Should I go buy the rose color and overdye my overdye?

Here they are together. Purple on the left.

I wrote on the selvedge so I know which is which but otherwise I think they're indistinguishable.




Rhonda said...

Hummmmmm, maybe go a darker shade of overdye.

Chantal L. said...

Very difficult to distinguish. But you did a wonderful regardless because there seems to be no "stains" or blotches. ;^)

QuiltSwissy said...

How fun! Welcome to the world of dyeing! If you do this much more you will get addicted! did you wash the fabric first to get the sizing out? That will help it accept the dye better. Also, I soak my fabric in soda ash before adding dye. Sometime I add the soda ash with the dye. Soda ash is calcium carbonate and helps the fibers accept the dye.

Funny story. I generally use the primaries yellow, blue and red procion dye to make most of the colors. During the flood, the blue dye must have opened because all the fabrics in the vicinity turned blue! That was fun.

patty a. said...

I agree with the comments Glen made. I seems the red didn't adhere at all to the fabric for the purple. Also, sometime blue is hard to stop bleeding. Vicki at Colorways by Vicki Welch says to soak the fabric for 24 hours starting how with the hottest water possible and just let the fabric sit. This will take out all the loose particles of blue dye. Vicki sells dyed fabric and knows her stuff! Years ago I thought I had gotten all the loose blue out of some fabric, used it for a border on a yellow and blue quilt, washed the quilt, and the yellows turned slightly green! What a mess.