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Monday, December 21, 2020

Slow But Forward Movement

In months past I’ve been whipping out quilt tops.  This month I’ve slowed waaaay down.  Can’t really put my finger on anything in particular that might be the cause.  I’m definitely thankful for the OMG because honestly that is what has propelled me forward this month.

I’ve added the borders to this one.

I had about a yard of that large print leftover.  My friend suggested I make a matching pillowcase so I did just that.  Although I still have to French seam it.

Another part of my goal was to make four pillowcases to go with my camper quilt.  All four are needing the final French seam.  I decided to sew down the flange on them which is shown here.  

I’ve always gifted cases in the past but never kept them for myself.  I did just that last year.  One cash convinced me to sew down the flange!

The last part of the goal is to add the final border to the camper quilt.  No new pic but the borders are cut.  They need to be trimmed to size and attached!  No worries!  I also have to make my broken dishes blocks.  They’re not hard just small and fiddly.  I think I said I’d make 50.  I can do it!  

I have two day long retreats at the church with friends this month.  I also have several days off from work in addition to the retreat days.  Watch this space for an update soon!

I hope you’re ready to pass the holidays however you like and that everyone is safe and sound.  Merry Christmas to all!


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patty a. said...

Love that border on the red and blue quilt! I think you are making good progress. Have a wonderful holiday season!