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Monday, May 03, 2021

May OMG Setting

If it weren’t for One Monthly Goal I’d hardly blog it seems.

My goal for this month is three parts.

1) Set my envelope blocks into a top.  At this point I don’t think it will have borders but we will see.  Here is a peek at the planned setting.

There are 30 blocks.  They’ll trim to 12.5” so the top will be about 60x72 without borders.  Not a bad size.

2) I plan to get all the blocks made for my Peaches and Dreams.  I still have a fair bit of cutting to do.  There are four block types.  I have 1done.  I have a second that is in process of being sewn.  The other two have a fair bit of sewing to go.

3) Finally, I have found a set of FQs that I have been looking for over the course of months now.  In the process of cleaning and clearing I found them!  I plan to make at list one kit from them.  In reality, with the addition of some solids, I can probably get two!

I’ll talk more about these as I work with them.

Shelly at Prairie Moon Quilts has been issuing various challenges over several years.  They are usually decluttering things related to your sewing room.  The challenges are posted about twice a month.  For the month of April the challenge was to get rid of one thing a day.  Now I have been decluttering and trying to get my stuff in order since 1998.  Suze Ormangot me started with mentioning Flylady.  I sort of followed her routines and room rotations.  I encountered other things like the KonMari method.  Each thing brought me through various decluttering challenges helping me overcome hoarded of stuff.

When Shelly issued that challenge, and after reading about a lot of bloggers moving house and then considering I might move one day I grasped onto that challenge.  Why not get rid of things now?  Big things!  At first I just identified the objects destined to leave my home.  Then one day I went and grabbed these things plus more.  I easily had my first 15+ things the first week.  I even found a home elsewhere for everything.  Once that was gone I made another pile of stuff and another and another.  So far I have found people to take all these items.  Shelly had a paper decluttering task and I finally was able to empty my parents filing cabinet now that everything had aged to my target time of 7 years.

I’m starting to see and enjoy the things I love.  Today I dove into my sewing room because it was almost unusable.  I pulled a lot of things out of there so that I could straighten up and put things away.  Once that’s done I’ll be able to sort and put away the things that I had pulled out.  It’s a process and I feel very motivated right now.  Im probably never going to be done but things will be a lot more manageable.

Linking up with Patty at Elm Street Quilts OMG.

Hope all is well in your world!



patty a. said...

I am glad you found the FQ's. It sounds like you are making a lot of headway on organizing your things and getting rid of things you don't need. I have been working on getting rid of things, but I still have too much stuff - well, at least I think I do. I have gotten rid of furniture - some went to my son and some to Habitat - along with lots little stuff, but I still feel like I am overwhelmed. My fabric storage room is overflowing and my guest room is a hot mess; these are the two worst rooms and both need some serious attention. Keep up your organizing; you are doing good!

Chookyblue...... said...

I need to declutter again......

Chookyblue...... said...

Oh and I like the colours in your peaches blocks

Chantal said...

My house holds lots of furniture. I keep everything "for when the boys move out" which looks like it will never happen! I have lots of other stuff too, like bedsheets, towels and so on. It never hurts to declutter or reorganize and take an inventory of what we have and what we need. Kudos to you for doing it. Good luck with your goals. ;^)