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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busily Working Away

I am quilting. I just haven't taken pictures. Boooriiiiiiiiing.

I have FILs quilt topped. I have my eye out for a backing. I am going to try to find an appropriate 108" wide back if possible. It is 90" square and I don't want to buy 9 yards of fabric if I can just have 1 solid back.

I sewed the borders onto my Mother's quilt last night. In fact I did it twice. They are mitered and when I sewed the first two sides it didn't dawn on me that the length wasn't right. When I sewed the third side on and it was way, way too long it made me take a second look. Grrrr... I ripped those puppies off and sewed them back on immediately. I had procrastinated long enough and I was not about to put it off again. I did leave the mitering of the corners for another time. I hope that will be tonight. I am going to google instructions to see if I can find some tips and tricks.

Now that these tops are together I will be getting backings made and plan to be basting and quilting this weekend. I think I can make it!


Alycia said...

Good luck on the mitering. I hate doing them - but they look so nice!!

Eva said...

Wow Swooze you are being really productive. I have been away but nice to catch up with your blog.