Judy L's UFO Challenge

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Non-Quilty UFOs and FILs Quilt

I made a committment to find and complete my non-quilty UFOs and WIPs. I finished the spa socks for both dd and dh and I finished my plastic bag holder last night. I now have all my grocery store sacks stored safely in it. So much neater. I use these bags for pooper scooper duty. Fun stuff eh!

I spent time on my spa socks (toe up) and turned the heel on the first one. I need to decide how high a cuff I want. When my favorite t.v. viewing ended last night I worked on FILs quilt a little. I would like to get it finished by Friday night, or as far as my fabric will take me as I am afraid I will need a little more of one of my fabrics and that store is closed on Sunday. I have to cut out 4 more squares of that dark blue on the center of the block I showed. I will try to get that done tonight and then get all those side pieces sewn into the two piece sets tonight. If I still have the time and energy I will sew the corner triangles on the center blocks as well.

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