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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Sewing Progress

- Fuschia quilt borders are now mitered. The backing is sewn and ready for the basting step.
- Golf quilt is measured and the plan for the backing is stirring in my head. I will put it together tonight.
- I have 50% off coupons for JoAnns and will be buying the battings today and opening them in the car so they can start to "relax". If I get home in time I will start basting the Fuschia quilt.

The yahoogroup Stashbuster is having their stay at home retreat this weekend. I plan to sew until I can't see straight! My goal is two quilted lap size quilts by Sunday night with bindings made and hopefully attached!


Suze said...

You are really getting it done.......

Looking forward to pictures.

Ele said...

My dear Swooze, pictures are not boring!! Next time you ask me for a picture of something I have done, I will say it is too boring for a pic, and see how you like that. You will whine and snivel and cry, but that is o.k., 'cause I will still love you!

Quilty hugs,
Ele in very cold Iowa

Alycia said...

Go - sew - go -sew - I am cheering you on!! As we are moving furniture and cleaning.. that is Booriiiing!