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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Decision Made

Once we knew there was not going to be any further treatment for Dad and that he could not be left alone, my plan to return to Texas to get ready was out the window.  I had a job opportunity materiializing with no date set.  I decided that I wanted to be back in Texas by March 10th ready to report to work.  This did not mean that I wanted to be pulling into the driveway the night before either.  We called my brother and told him the plan and made at\\arrangements to fly him back to NY in the next few weeks.

I packed the house with the help of several cousins, friends and Ray.  We sold things that would not be making the trip,  Donated a lot of clothing items and anything else we felt would not sell.  When my brother arrived the majority of things had been packed.  The moving truck had been picked up and was sitting on the driveway.  We all got up the next morning and the guys loaded the truck.  I finished packing things and took care of closing the house down, so to speak.  None of this fun nor easy but necessary.

My Dad and I pulled out of the driveway as a big snow storm hit.  We had to drop off cable equipment and gas up.  Ray left in our vehicle with Dad's dog Buddy.  We were about an hour behind Ray.  I was letting Dad acts as my GPS but it quickly became apparent that was not going to work.  I was supposed to be travelling along the southern part of New York and somehow ended up in Rochester,  Dad had been showing signs of dementia and it was really showing itself with all the stress of the move.  He was trying to circle us back around and take us back home.  I turned on the real GPS.  We drove quite a ways and made it to Ohio.  I was near the halfway point when we stopped.  We spent the night and got up and drove to Texas the next day.  I was laying in my own bed the morning of Match 1st.  Ray arrived shortly after us. 

My brother left the day after we did doing some final packing and cleanup before hitting the road.  He went to his house and unloaded part of the items then delivered the rest to my house and unloaded then returned the moving truck.  I was never so happy to have all this over.  It was a nightmare that included me having to call EMS for help to get Dad into the hotel we stayed at.  I have said enough on that topic!

While packing I came across this UFO of my mothers.  She had started this for my Dad and quickly grew tired of it.  All the yarn was with it,  I could not tell what the original plan was.  I layed it out and chose the design and had to make 3 additional squares.  The joke between Mom and Dad was whether he would ever get his afghan.  I have the top together and am tying in all the loose ends.  I throw it on Dad when he needs a blanket.  I know I will edge it but at least he has it and uses it.  He got his afghan!

Another bit of happy news is that the day we arrived in Texas I had a text from the realtor telling me to check my email and respond by 5.  We had a sales offer on the house.  After a little back and forth we had a contract.  The house is sold!  The attorney handling the deal for us has Dad's POA and will represent him at the closing.  That chapter of our lives will soon come to a close sadly.  It is hard to let that house go but life is what it is.

Stay tuned.  I am almost caught up with everything.  I will get quilty again very soon!!


Quiltlady said...

You are going through a stressful time that will soon get better. Take care of yourself. I'm praying for you and your family.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you are going through such a stressful time - I do not know how you managed to start a new job - or did you? taking care of dad in his finale days is hard enough as it is - so glad the house sold - that is one thing that needed to be done and done quickly was a plus I'm sure.

Paula, the quilter said...

Oh my, hang in there. You will soon have a new 'normal'.

QuiltSwissy said...

Been there, cried many of the tears as well. Can you feel the virtual hugs?????

Bonnie said...

Quilty hugs coming your way. Don't forget to schedule some time for yourself, even if it is only a soak in a tub. Keep strong.

Karendianne said...

Gosh you're carrying a lot my friend. I'm with Bonnie here... don't forget a soak in the tub or something kind and gentle to/for yourself.

Linda said...

I'm glad you are back and keeping you in my prayers. I know having your Dad with you is stressful but you would be more worried about him if he was up there alone. You are a real trooper and I know you are a strong woman, you will make it through all of this. Your quilts looked great and the afghan is wonderful too. I know your Mom would be very happy to see this finished. Hang in there.