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Monday, April 28, 2014

Marching into March

So here we are back in Texas.  I am working toward getting back into the workforce and also going about the business of getting Dad's new routine of doctors, etc.  Our biggest concerns at the time were that Dad not be dehydrated nor anemic.  The bit of radiation that he did have seemed to help with the anemia.  When I was in NY he was needing blood about every 4 days or so.  After the radiation I think he needed blood once while still in NY.

Somewhere along the way I gotmy start date of March 17th.  Dad has a doctor appointment with the new oncologist before then/  We make it to that appointment and all seems ok.  They agree that he is dehydrated and could use fluids.  We schedule that for the following day.  He gets the fluid and I get him home.  I went to the store and left Dad with Ray and the kids.  I was about 10 minutes from being home so Ray decided to leave and take care of some errands.  Not 1 minute after he leaves my daughter calls to say Grandpa is yellow.  Unfortunately we have too much experience with liver issues and know something is not right.  I tell her I will be right there and to keep him comfortable.  I walk in and he is sitting in his chair stripped to the waist and very confused about what is going on around him.  I make a quick call to home health care.  They agree that I should call the doctor.  Having just started with this group I was uncertain that I would get a quick callback and I did.  Quick discussion and they say get him to the ER.  I call the ambulance.  Dad is transported and  his liver is not draining properly.  The tumor is pressing against the ducts.  He gets a stent, antibiotics, blood and fluids.  They tell us that he did have a temporary stent in that they replaced.  They tell us he needs a more permanent stent and we set a date for that one and he is discharged.

We get Dad home and he has a great week.  We even go out for lunch one day and he eats like a horse which is an amazing feat.  We get home and are happy for our day.  I have already started my job.  I get a call from Ray the next morning about Dad and he is concerned.  I am able to leave work and finish the day from home.  I get him home and the home health nurse arrives shortly after.  Dad has a 103 fever.  We didn't realize it because Dad complained of being cold so we were trying to make him warm.  He earns another trip to the ER to learn that the newly replaced stent became plugged by the tumor throwing a clot.  Long gory story short lots of antibiotics, blood and fluids Dad goes home two weeks later still on IV antibiotics.  We got him to the scheduled procedure date for the permanent stent in early April without further hospitalizations..

He has climbed back to his normal as of last week.  He has physical therapy a few times a week.  We get him out when he has the gumption.  Dad is living his life the best he can at this point.  He is tired and weak so we do what we can to restore him and take advantage of spurts of energy.  The house closing should be one day this week.  All the addresses that we can think of have been updated to his new address.  I have been mailing things for the home sale and still catch myself putting his NY address on the return.  That habit may never be broken!

Here is Dad sitting in my garage enjoying the warm weather.  I have you caught up on his move here but there will be more I am sure,  And you haven't even heard about Buddy yet!  More to come.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wishing you all the best - you are going through a very hard time for sure.

Krista said...

Sounds like a stressful time for all involved. Hope things continue to improve and everyone settles in to the new routines. Congrats on the new job, but I'm sure you are thinking the timing could have been better :)

J V said...

Bless you for honoring your Father in taking care of him now. It's never easy because we are torn in so many directions but you will never regret caring for him.