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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Odyssey Begins

What happens next is all jumbled in my mind.  I'm not sure it matters the order so I will just share and let the chips fall where they may. 

Remember we are playing wait and see with Dad.  Somewhere between the first of the year and the 11th of January Dad has gone into the hospital been released and rehospitalized.  I had been waiting for an all day sit and sew to happen at the church and attended that.  I frustratingly did not accomplish much but did get the second Harley top together.  I tried to get the backing made for the first completed but that did not happen.  I put it together.  Too small.  Frogged it and got a plan in place to get it to the right size.  The retreat/sew-in was over.  

While I was there I talked to Dad and knew that it was time for me to go to him.  One of the consults we were waiting for had not materialized yet.  The dreaded diagnosis of cancer, the third time, had been made.  Dad was alone, missing Mom.  He was fInding it harder to care for himself.  I went home and prepped the kids and home for my departure.  I packed with the intention of leaving first thing Sunday a.m. The 12th.

 I was packed and ready for bed when Ray announced we were leaving now.  It was close to midnight.  I had thoughts of grabbing quilt something to work on. That did not happen.  I ended up grabbing an afghan I had been working on.  We left Texas and arrived in New York Monday morning.  We took a nap and drove to the hospital to see Dad.  It was a balmy -8 degrees.  Quite the shocker!  

We left our cooler outside overnight.  I called this my Texans ice sculpture!

This is going to get long if I go into too much detail.  Dad came home.  Had another fall and was rehospitalized.  The decision was to give radiation.  My hope was that at the end of the treatment I would leave and Dad would be well enough to stay alone while he got his house on the market for sale and I made arrangements in Texas for him to come live with me.  After 5 treatments it was apparent he could not tolerate the radiation and the decision was made to stop.  He had a stent put in his liver because the tumor was pressing on the duct closing off drainage plus had a huge gall stone removed that was also blocking things.  My brother had been to visit and gone home waiting to see what was needed.  In light of the decision for no more treatment we decided to pack Dads house up, put it on the market and move him to Texas.  

Here are some things that I got to work on while in NY.  I finished that afghan and have to tie in the thread ends.

I made a couple fabric bowls.  The first one I made was sort of flat but works well for some of the bowls I like to use.  I made another that fits this bowl more snugly.  I love them!  I have more cut out and ready to sew.

More of the story to come.  Stay tuned!




Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how sad but lucky you are able to care for your father and that your husband was taking time to go with you - we can all use spousal support at times like this. It will take awhile to empty out the house though and you will be running back sometime I bet - or maybe your brother can take care of that - does he live anywhere near you or in New York? So far to have to take care of these things.

QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, wow. I am so sorry to hear about the diagnosis again. bt I am glad you have the opportunity to get him with you. you qill be his angel....for sure.

My friend, my thoughts will be for you and your dad. And Ray too, he is a treasure to be with you and take in your dad too. Yay Ray!


Karendianne said...

My thoughts and my heart reach out to you. Lots to deal with and yet some ease knowing you can have him with you. Keep us posted as you can.