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Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Harley Davidson Quilt

I showed Ray's quilt to a lot of people.  I posted it on my Facebook page and a longtime friend of mine asked me to make one for her to give to her boyfriend.  I made a quote based on the same quilt as i made for Ray.  When I told Ray he asked that I not make the same exact quilt. He wanted his to be one of a kind.  This was after I accepted a check from her.  I sketched out a few designs and texted them to her.  We came to an agreement and I went to work.

I had to get another Harley flag only to find out they were limited to one per dealership.  I looked around the shop looking for an acceptable substitute.  One salesperson talked to another and word spread.  A manager came up to me and we spotted another flag just like the first one.  They sold it to me used at a discount.  I examined it for flaws.  Found none and happily purchased it.  I put this top together pretty quickly.  This quilt is now at the quilter.

During this time my Dad came to visit me.  He spent two weeks with me.  Ray was great with Dad and took him around whenever he ran errands.  I was at work but hurried home as soon as I could to spend time with Dad.  We went to different eateries that he had enjoyed in the past.  My mother had told me a story about Dad's pool playing prowess.  I wondered how I had reached my late 40's before ever hearing this story.  Of course we went and played pool.  He was really good!  He kept thinking I wanted to beat him when what I really wanted to see was him play.  I could picture him hustling someone in a game of pool as my mother told me he had done.  

He went to visit my brother and then headed home when there was a hurricane threatening my brother's area.  I think he was missing his dog Buddy too.  He safely made it home.  He used to love driving but I could tell it was getting harder on him.  I invited him back for thanksgiving and/or Christmas.  He opted to stay home.  Local friends and family hosted him for those holidays.

More to come.




Rhonda said...

Hi there. Love this post. The quilt is great but the story about your dad's pool playing skills warmed my heart. Isn't it funny the things we adult children find out about our parents and grandparents?
Hope you have a great weekend!!

ShinyNewThing said...

Woo hoo!!! Blogging from Swooze!! well done. And the quilt looks great.