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Friday, April 14, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra Backsliding

I went to Sandra's house the Monday before my surgery last week. It was going to be my last chance at heavy lifting until after my cataract surgeries and recoveries. There were a few things i wanted to do and a few things Sandra wanted me to do.

i worked at these tasks and sat down to visit with her for awhile afterwards. She had eight large stacks of magazines on the floor. We talked about the fact that she could spend my recovery time going through those magazines and getting them all cleared out so that we can move onto other things in her home. She said yes she could take her time and work on them. I left hopeful that she would do just that and really conquer a lot of paper clutter in her home. I even mentioned that there were two totes full of bills and newsletters that she needed to go through and shred as she had time.

I have to admit it was a little sad when I left after I had been spending so much time with her knowing that I was going back to work and wouldn't get to see her quite as often. I think she felt the same and we took a long time to say our goodbyes and see you laters when I left.

Surgery happened. Post surgery happened. All went well. I asked Linda if she wanted to go and visit Sandra on Thursday. We went and picked up lunch and took it to her. We arrived to her quickly bagging up the magazines in small batches and putting them in her wagon so that she could take them out to the patio. She probably exclaimed she was trying to get them all outside so that we would be surprised at how good things are looking there. I was a little bit dismayed because I was hoping she would go through them and get rid of them that way rather than stash them somewhere. Linda helped her get those that she had bagged up outside and she put them away but the rest sat there while we visited and had lunch. We visited and talked about her goal of going through one bag a week and we suggested that maybe she should go through a couple bags a day. I of course made my inspection rounds. She is clinging tightly to keeping her laundry area clear. Sadly there are things starting to line up in the hall. We left and said our goodbyes again talking about the fact that I was returning to work the following Monday and that my visits would be fewer.

I have seen Sandra socially a few times since that visit and have talked her on the phone a few times as well. Most recently she proudly returned one of the totes I gad taken over there for her to keep her things in until she can go through them. She described how she emptied one of her totes so she could transfer the things. My interpretation is there is a bigger mess now. My last conversation made me hopeful. She happily described all the things she had bagged up ready to go out the door to family members she is seeing at Easter. She also has some quilty items ready to go out as well. I have accupuncture once a week near her house. I plan to stop in afterwards each week to see how I can help. I can't wait until May when my restrictions
from surgery are lifted.




Chantal L. said...

It is so easy to fall back on old (bad) habits. I hope Sandra's step back isn't a big one. Sending prayers your way for a quick and full recovery. ;^)

julieQ said...

The underlying emptiness is still trying to be filled...by magazines, this time. Bless her. I hope the cause is found, so the symptoms of hoarding can be cured!! Thank you for helping her, and I hope you heal up quickly!!

Bonnie said...

How is it going with the new and improved eyes? I keep thinking I want my cataracts to "mature" but I'm leery of not being able to thread a needle or to rip out lines of stitching. I hope you enjoy your new job and you can fit in some time with Sandra. She probably enjoys the company even if it is difficult for her to let go of her things. Keep up the good work as you can fit it in.

patty a. said...

Doesn't sound like a huge backslide, but something to be mindful of. Best wishes that your second surgery goes smoothly and you heal quickly!