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Monday, April 03, 2017

Chronicles of Sandra The Patio

Linda, Nick and I went to Sandra's Saturday a.m. My plan was to have Linda sit with Sandra while Nick and I worked on the patio. Nate was supposed to join us but he was a no show.

Sandra's talk of just letting all the magazines go was just that. Talk. Linda sorted through one large stack while Sandra sorted through other paper. Linda acted as a gopher for us coming and grabbing more things from me to take to sort or bringing me trash bags or whatever else.

Nick helped totally clear out the far end of the patio that I was not able to do. Too much heavy lifting. We got things cleared out on that end then Nick went through with the blower to get all the bits and pieces off the floor. At that point we put back what was staying. There is now a clear path all the way through.

A lot of consolidation happened. We got rid of beaten up boxes and rehomed things into sealed totes. Sandra and I had discussed baskets and she agreed they no longer worked in her home. We found at least a dozen on the patio and took them straight to the truck to go. She let go of a broken wooden chair and a small decorative wicker couch. These things were taking up a lot of space!

Still too much stuff out there but the trash is gone. Large unwanted items are gone. I only found a few more magazines out there. I'm hoping we have reached the end of those but I'm sure there are more lurking in the other rooms.

Now that the flow of paper will slow down I think Sandra will be seeing great progress in her living room.

We talked yesterday about what's next. I only have today for any heavy lifting for awhile. I'm having cataract surgery tomorrow and then on the 18th. Lifting and bending restrictions come with it. I'll be out of commission for the rest of April.

Let's add to this that I have been unemployed since October. I got a job offer and go back to work on the 10th. Any more time I spend there will be on the weekends and for shorter periods of time. I will probably be taking people with me as they are available to make as big an impact as I can. I think Sandra is closer to being able to work on things herself. Just a little more work and she'll be there.

Ill leave you with this little treasure I found on the patio. Sandra, 10, is on the left and Grace, 12, is on the right. Sandra told me her Dad used to carry this picture set with him whenever he travelled. What a sweet story. It is safely inside the house now. Whenever I talk to Grace she thanks me profusely for helping Sandra. I'm just glad Sandra allowed me to.




Chantal L. said...

Awesome. Your dedication is awesome. Good luck with the surgeries and the new job. ;^)

Bonnie said...

Yea for the new job, new eyes (kind of) and continuing to help Sandra. My hat is off to your dedication. It is so good to hear of your small successes with Sandra. The house didn't get crowded in a day and it sure won't be resolved in a day. Steady work is helping making the in roads. Keep us posted. Love that little picture set.