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Thursday, April 27, 2017

What's Next

I just finished my 3D bowtie quilt. Piecing it at least. I find myself at that point of deciding what's next.

Lately I have had a project I work on only when I go sew with friends. When I'm home sewing I have been working on a different project. The bowtie quilt was my home project so I'm trying to choose something that fits for my workspace.

What does that mean? I tend to do cutting of borders and major cutting away from home where I have a little more room to spread out. I could do these things at home but that would require me to clean off my cutting table. I'm still on lifting and bending restrictions so that will happen after that is over. Although I could enlist others to help me clean it up.

So what do I have on my very long list of projects in progress? There are many that just require quilting. I even have one on my machine. I really should just work on that and get more practice at quilting. My plan is to spend at least 15 minutes a day on quilting something to get me into that habit. I have some things that have piled up in front of the frame so another cleaning project. Again I coukd enlist others help.

Other piecing options are:
- Crossroads. My current away project
- Garden Party. Needs borders.
- Dizzy. Basically it needs a decision of whether I want to add borders
- Double 4 Patch. This one needs a good round of cutting then piecing
- Bandana shirt. I just need to hem the sleeves and waist then close the neck.
- Double Wedding Ring. I have all the pieced arcs. Need to cut the centers and melons. I am hoping my GO die matches the size of the arcs
- Row by row Quilt. I won a prize with this quilt but don't love it. I plan to cut it down and make wall hangings out of the rows

So you've just heard a whole bunch of excuses. What do you think my next home project should be?




patty a. said...

I am sure you will figure out what to do next. I know sometimes when I get home from work I am just to tired to sew, but if I make myself at least try then I relax and get something done.

QuiltSwissy said...

Row by row. Small projects that finish on the long arm will be a confidence builder. Get a piece of plexiglass no wider than 15 inches and use wet erase markers to audition quilting lines on them. When you get what you like, mark your piece with chalk or a quilt marker of some sort. Quilt away. oh, load your back and bat like normal and line up your separated rows on the large backing/batting. Clever!

Put that blue tape around the edge of the plexi. Or you won't see the edges and you will mark up your piec......ask me how I know!

quiltedfabricart said...

No quilter worth her salt does not have at least five or six UFOs in progress. I always like to do at least 15 minutes a day of some sort of sewing. It's quiet time, me time. you deserve a few minutes of each day for yourself. Leaving your sewing space ready to go helps. So does always having some sort of hand sewing ready to go for those days when you need to sit on the couch, watch Dr. Phil and mindlessly sew. My personal favorite