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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Cutting Up

I went to sew with my friend today.  My usual Saturday activity.  Today I cut and cut and cut.

First I trimmed up all my envelope blocks that I had completed sewing the night before.  Bonus, my friend drove me to drop them off.  Glad to have that off my list.

I had a spare so saved my favorite to substitute in with those that I receive.  Can’t wait to see what I get.

Remember the box of treasures I showed a week ago?  I made two kits from the animal prints.  Actually I made one full kit and got a start on a second one.  I rejected the idea to work with the Christmas prints for now.  My friend wants to work in Halloween prints so I’ll be pulling those out to kit up a few quilts.

For that second kit I just need to choose a few more animal prints and a background fabric.  I want something vibrant.  Stay tuned on the kit making.

Finally, I pulled out my peach 30’s fabrics and started cutting Peaches and Dreams.  Three different strip widths are used so I cut one of each width to get me started.  I’m anxious to start sewing but time ran out.  I hope to get back to it this week.

Wow that was a lot of cutting!  I think I have a good selection of fabrics and tones here to give good variation.  I think I’ve met my OMG goal already so will concentrate on kit making and Peaches and Dreams for the remainder of the month.

Hope you have a great sewing week.


patty a. said...

That is a lot of cutting! The envelop blocks are cute!

Frédérique said...

I love your envelope blocks. And the animal prints are pretty!