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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Busily Working Away

Since I finished FILs quilt last week I have been busily working on some small items. I finished loom knitting a pair of spa socks for myself. Remember the "free" apron pattern? I have all three made now. I also made a pillowcase for my hubby's body pillow. Nice to have those finishes!

With no other fast finishes I went back to my cutting items from my last sew in. I sewed the backings together for the 2 OU baby quilts and have added the borders on my chevron posey quilt. I still have to miter the corners on that one and then make the back. The batting for the 2 baby quilts is "resting" now. The weather is nice today so I plan to go outside and pin baste them today. If I have the energy I may whip the back together and baste the chevron posey quilt too.

Yes I owe you pictures. Will work on that.


Debbie H said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I am from Mesquite also. I crochet and I'm learning to knit.

Teresa said...

Just catching up on your blog and have to say congratulations to your mom on her first quilt! Great job. Your quilts you show are very nice too, guess you are passing your love of quilting up to your mom, and she her talent for working with fabric down to you.

Linda said...

Hey, Swooze, Happy New Year...It looks like you got alot done. I'm glad you finished those "free" aprons. I am still just looking at that pattern. I did make two aprons for Christmas but my pattern really was free. I used fabric out of my stash and copied an apron that my DIL was using. I plan on doing alot of finishing up this year too. Your quilts look great. You did a good job on both of them. Take care and keep on working away but enjoy yourself too! Hugs, Linda