Judy L's UFO Challenge

Monday, December 01, 2008

November Accomplishments

  • piece another OU quilt - DONE
  • finish piecing the fuschia and daisy quilt - need borders
  • quilt the 2 OU quilts, golf quilt and fuschia quilt - not done. I gotta get busy!
  • finish the RRs I receive - I got one off. Have another here.
  • knit dd's socks - not on original list
  • knit dh's socks - not on original list
  • cut out and began piecing FILs quilt - not on original list
December Goals

  • Finish piecing FILs quilt and quilt it
  • Quilt Fuschia Chevron Posy quilt
  • Quilt Golf quilt
  • knit my socks
  • Finish RR's on time

I will also have to try not to stress out about the quilting even though they are Christmas gifts. Yikes!!

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