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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Coming down the home stretch! I quilted a lot last weekend on my peacock quilt and planned to finish it. I over did it and only completed the center. My shoulders ached from leaning over my machine so much. This weekend I planned to finish it and completed quilting the borders. Now to trim the batting and bind it. It is nice to see the quilt getting finished. I need to set less aggressive goals or I will burn myself out. This weekend was better though as I took more frequent breaks.

I will take a picture of the quilting and post it tomorrow. I am a straight line girl. I quilted this quilt on point using the squares as a guide and came out with a square in a square pattern. I then stitched in the ditch on the 2 narrow borders, down the center of the 2nd border and copied this whole pattern to the last border. To me, it gives a Frank Lloyd Wright stain glass feel. Very structural, architectural feeling. I love it. This one is mine and will grace my bed soon! You can find this quilt top in the link "My Pictures" in the UFO album. Enjoy!

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Nicole and Phil said...

thanks for the kind words on my blog.
The UFO world has between 12-15 residents in it at my house.;) But for the first 6 months of the year, I intend to start and finish new quilts using the stash, and then look at the UFO's at the back end of the year!
About 5 years ago, I had over 35 residents in UFO world, my oldest UFo is from 2001, which I am pretty pleased with! :) hten there is the cross stitch UFO's..which I managed to finish one last night photos in the next couple of days!
Rught off to get yesterdays quilts quilted (I am a straight line quilter too;)
Nicole, Berlin, Germany