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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More dog stuff. More quilt stuff. I had to take the kids to the dentist yesterday for cleanings. DD has a cavity and DS needs more sealants. I didn't have any issues! Kids both need braces but they need to brush better before I make that investment. Time will tell on that front.

Because I was home early for dental appointments I decided to catch up other dogs on their annual vaccines. I took Pepper first since she developed a cough. I knew what was coming. Kennel cough. I was right. She is older and was given a stronger 1x a day antibiotic. She feels so bad and isn't eating. I think she will feel better by tomorrow. She has been cuddling up to me a lot since this all started. Usually dh is her favorite but I guess momma's love reaches all corners of the world including the doggy one. I also took our eldest since I did not want him to get sick and hoped to prevent illness. Of course he woke up not wanting to eat then vomited later in the day. By the time I got home he acted a little better. Took him to the vet. No temp, no cough so he got vaccines. He ate last night and a little this a.m. We are watching him.

I decided to take two more since the vet had cancellations on his book. Took Spencer and Sunny since they are both pretty easy to handle. Last time we took them they both had whip worms. The vet tested them for these worms again and yep they still have them. This didn't prevent vaccines so they are current and both have meds to take. Don't faint here but there are two more dogs to go. I thought about taking them up as well but was just too tired to even think about that. They are scheduled for Saturday a.m. So far I have 4 out of 5 dogs on meds with two more to go. Pray for wellness for these two.

DD helped me with all this dog transport so she and I ran to Starbucks for a pastry and coffee. Nice relaxing time with her. She is 12 and told me she enjoyed spending the time with me. It was nice to hear her say that. I have said those words to her before and hope she is sincere and not just saying that to make me happy.

On the quilting front. I sewed the 8 pinned strips into 4 sets. Then I sewed the 4 sets into 2 sets and have those 2 pinned together. I will sew them tonight and then pin and sew the 9th strip and will have a center! Pics will be posted tomorrow for the WIP Wednesday on Quilt Studio WEBRING. Again not the finishes I had hoped for but definitely great progress. It will take me a couple days to figure out what to do with borders so hope to have the top together by this weekend!

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Alycia said...

I won't laugh about the number of dogs - if you won't laugh about the number of Horses I have ;-)

Love your irish chain quilt!