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Monday, February 19, 2007

Stashbuster retreat took place this past weekend. What that means is you have a sew-in and leave the family to attend to themselves as though you are away at a retreat. I had some lofty goals to accomplish and was pleased with my progress. I did not get everything done but I know I am too aggressive on my goals.

I subcut my strips for my Irish Chain for the most part. One block set is completely pieced now with the exception of a single block. I have those pieces ready to stitch to complete that grouping. For the second block set (25 patch ugh!) I have a lot of the subcutting done and have pieces pinned together to start sewing. I will cut and sew throughout the week as the mood strikes me.

The 12 days top. Well, I thought about it. I had planned to use a green print for the sashing but would have to fussy cut it to make sure not to lop the trees off. I may use the red swirly fabric as the sashing. Will have to audition that one and decide. I don't want to lose the swirly effect either! Ok let go of the perfectionism!

I know this news will get out sooner or later. There is a new addition to the family. Augie was adopted from the SPCA Sunday. He and hubby bonded immediately. They were so cute playing together. He is an Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix. He will fit in with all the others. He already has a pile of new toys and a warm spot in my daughters bed. He slept all night and no mess! That is great for a 2 month old. He feels right at home but the rest of the herd is bent out of shape right now. They will adjust when they figure out he is staying and that he is a fun, interactive toy! Pictures tonight!


Sweet P said...

Good job on your retreat progress. My retreat went will to despite the water leaks. I can't to see pictures of the new puppy.

Wendy said...

What a cute little addition to your family. After your comment about painting, I was thinking all night how wonderful it would be to have someone close enough to help with painting...oh well next time. Thanks for the offer.
I look forward to seeing the Irish Chain.

qwltnfool said...

Lovvvve your puppy! I am partial to cuddly black dogs! Glad your retreat went well - we had kids home for the weekend = no quilting.

Quilting Kim said...

Your puppy is just so sweet. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Irish Chain.

Nicole and Phil said...

Augie is very gorgeous! He will be a great addition to your family...and of course being 1/2 Aussie...how could you go wrong ;)

Triller said...

Me an Chelsea are always happy when we hear dat somebuddy adoped from da SHELTER. Augie has a cute face. He looks like he would be cozy to snuggle wiff.