Judy L's UFO Challenge

Friday, February 09, 2007

I am still here! I took my peacock quilt to work and trimmed it up so that I could bind it. I have a hard time doing this at home for my larger quilts. There has not been one more stitch this week though. I have spent my time planning this week. Working to figure out what I will work on next. I am aiming for 5 finishes this month. I think I can make it. I have 2 bindings to do. I have one top to sash the blocks for then layer baste and quilt. I have another top that is ready to baste and pin and then one ready to quilt. I would have to buy a backing for one of these. The last three are smallish and should go quickly.

I like to have several things to bind at once. I get my rhythm going and then can get through them quickly. I hand sew the mitered corners then quilt the binding down all around (I self bind).

If I meet this goal this month I will be half way through my list of UFOs. Wow! I do plan to finish them all this year, 10 in all. Have been impatient for a finish. They are drawing near!


Sweet P said...

What do you mean by "self bind"? I love to do hand sew the binding on a quilt. I really helps me enjoy the quilt as I finish it.

Jean said...

I want to see this quilt, any pix?

qwltnfool said...

I know your feeling about wanting to get the bindings on so that you can call it finished. Five finishes will be an awesome amount for one month!

Quilting Kim said...

Great colors in that quilt. I know what you mean about binding, once I get started, I don't want to stop - it actually gets kind of relaxing, especially, if you are watching TV - no guilt. I never thought of having more than one ready to bind at a time.