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Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy, Busy Weekend I had lots of plans this past weekend and usually I don't get them all done. Because there was so much to do I planned to get some things done Friday night that normally get's done Saturday or Sunday.

Friday night hubby and I made the Walmart grocery run. I have three things that I usually prefer to buy elsewhere. Bagels, bread and beef. I can get them there but like the quality I get at the grocery near my house. I was up a little later than usual piddling. Not sure doing what though....

Saturday I got up and met my FlyLady group. It was just one other lady and her family and I brought my dh and dd. We meet at Paneras and I had a bagel. Boy they are good! I bought a bakers dozen to have for the week. My son thinks they are a big hit too! I will have to hide some if I want them during the week for breakfast. We ran by Home Depot afterwards and looked at flooring. They have a vinyl out that looks like wood. Hubby seemed to like it and we took some samples with us. I felt like we had agreed on it and we even measured to know how much to buy. By Sunday night he was already back peddaling. Sigh...this is why nothing gets finished. I took dd and dh home and then set out to my friends house. A lady opened a quilt store across the street from her house. We visited a little and she showed me all the improvements her dh had made around the house. Then we went to the new store. Cute, small but nice inventory. A good start. We asked about a sit and sew. The store owner suggested we pick a date and time and get all our friends together and schedule it. This idea has possibilities! The other store in that town had moved to the downtown area so my friend and I ran over there too. I love when shops are in the old buildings. Lots of nice architectural features. They had a few samples I was interested in but were sold out of the patterns. That was a cheap visit for me. We went back to my friends house and I finished my iced tea, said my goodbyes and left. When I got home I got cleaned up and dh and I went to the Wildflower festival in Richardson. Hubby wanted to see Foghat and Grand Funk Railroad. We wandered around the vendor tents and bought a few things, got some food and went and watched Foghat. They played more than an hour and hubby's knee could not take it any longer. He decided he needed to leave and miss the other group.

Sunday I knew I had to work off and on throughout the day. I have some sewing things I need to get done but needed interfacing. I decided to make another Walmart run for that stuff then run by Albertson's to get the rest of my groceries. Hubby decided he wanted to go too and my hour errand turned into several hours. I pointed out to him that I had a call I needed to be on by 12:30 so we finished up quickly and went home. The call was quick so we watched a movie. I had to OP on #quiltchat then we watched another movie. When that was over I decided it was time to pull up more carpet. Hubby wasn't happy but I told him I only wanted to move the couches and get those parts done. It didn't take too long and we had that area all cleaned up and put back toghether. I made dinner and decided to get my sewing done. I drafted an applique pattern while watching the second movie earlier that day so spent time cutting pieces and prep'ing them.

All in all I got a LOT done. Getting that carpet up is consuming me right now. I have plans to get up a few more sections tonight so they can go out in the trash tomorrow. I will have as much as I can do, for now, done this week and then I will get back to more sewing!


Rhonda said...

Looks like you got a lot done and had fun to boot!

Carole said...

Gosh, I'm tired from reading about your busy, busy weekend! Off to bed! lol Keep well and happy quilting!

Jeanne said...

Please send some of your energy this way! You were very productive.