Judy L's UFO Challenge

Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend Accomplishments. More unmet goals. I had intended to finish quilting my ninepatch and the baby irish chain. I quilted the ninepatch to the 3/4 point Friday night. I had started out with a few issues but resolved them by unthreading and rethreading the machine. This included removing and replacing the bobbin. I actually think I had the bobbin in backwards. This caused there not to be enough tension to balance the top thread tension. It was quilting like a dream after this. I got to the 3/4 point and decided since it was late to finish Saturday.

I got up Saturday morning and got some household chores done. I felt very tired not too long after that. I decided to go ahead and nap a bit. I woke up with a really bad migraine and to my shock I had a nose bleed. I have never had one and it worried me. I called the neighbor since dh was away. He told me ice pack and lay my head back so that is what I did. I was worthless the rest of the day. I had to OP in #quiltchat that night and did that but went to bed right after.

Sunday I got up and did more chores, grocery store run, caught up on my recorded shows. By this time I had to OP again then cooked dinner. After dinner and a little more tv I sewed some more. I decided to frog a few rows which took a long time. I sewed for an hour and have about another hour to go. This excites me since I will then have two UFOs to bind and can report as finished!

I have a lot of new things that I have to work on. I was going to push ahead on UFOs but decided to take a small break and work on new things as a reward. Hey I am half way through my UFOs after only a little over 4 months. Yeah!


Sweet P said...

Ooh . . . a migraine and nose bleed. I'm glad you're feeling better. You got a lot done for not feeling well.

Leigh said...

Take care and don't push yourself too hard. Maybe your body is telling you to slow down a bit.
Big ((hug))for you:)

ShinyNewThing said...

hey swooze, Blogger has decided I am Dutch so I hope this message will post in English, all the writing in the window is in dutch, lol. I joined that Yahoo group a few years ago when I was deciding to buy the Janome 6500, but I rarely read the messages as there are too many to keep up with. I do go and search there when I need help with something, like when I wanted a better free motion foot than the one that comes with the machine (got a Husqvarna foot which works great). Hope you are feeling better, Sharon