Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Quilting! I have had other things I wanted to accomplish and been devoting my time to that. It was my Birthday Saturday so did some fun things but most importantly to me I have pulled up my dining room carpet! It is so old and nasty and I just could not take it anymore. My family fussed at me for doing it on my birthday but 1) it had to be done 2) no one else is going to do it 3) it made me happy to finally have it done!

My dining and living rooms are one room and I was going to pull up my living room carpet on Mother's Day. I got a grip on myself and decided to not do it that day. Instead I lazed about and watched movies, then did some decluttering and cleaning and ended the day with a roll in the stash and pulling fabric for some new *SHOCK not UFOs* projects. The fabric is all laundered so now back to my sewing soon.

Tonight I am going home to make a few cuts in that living room carpet so that I can get the kids to pull up one strip each. Then I will get hubby to pull up a section for me too. This will make a big dent in that room. Note: I am minimally moving furniture for now and when I am ready to put new flooring down will get the rest that is under the really heavy furniture. My goal is to pull up all that I plan to for now before Thursday night. That way the trash man can take this away Friday. Yeah!


Carole said...

Happy belated birthday! Have fun!

Leigh said...

Hope you had a great birthday. xx

Nicole said...

Happy belated birthday and Mother's Day too! My daughter's birthday is May 12, and it seems that every Mother's Day I am throwing a party for her and never get to relax. I do have to say that spending your birthday pulling up carpet was an ambitious choice! What a great feeling to get it out of there though.

Sweet P said...

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had a good day - carpet and all.

I like your three wishes. I have to think about mine.