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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You might get a giggle out of this so thought I would share. As you know I have been pulling up carpet and pad and hauling it to the curb pretty much by myself. This is a lot of work. Hubby has started fussing at me about overdoing expecially since this last batch was huge and it really wore me out!

Last night he went to our room to watch tv. I got my knife and crawled under his desk to start cutting the next batch to go out Friday and I hear his voice asking "What are you doing?" I said, "Oh nothing. I am just picking up some trash under here." I am hiding the fact that I am cutting carpet up. It is almost like a disease. I am driven to get it done! I have three patches left to get. The one I cut last night and another small patch I plan to get tonight and then one big one I will get Thursday night. All in time for the poor trash man on Friday! Then my mind can stop working this over! For those serious quilters please sit down.....I actually prefer doing this right now over quilting!


Judy said...

Oh My!! Don't ever let anything get in the way of your quilting! :>) Once this is done, you can hopefully get back to the needle and thread! This is a great time of year for cleaning out and getting projects done, isn't it?

kelley said...

I have three rooms of carpet I want to take up later this summer...I know there is hardwoos under there and need new carpet anyway...I doubt I'll enjoy it as much as you are though!

Greenmare said...

Oh my gosh, I can soooooo understand that! I ripped out carpeting in one of our rooms a couple years ago and there was just no way I could stop! Then I had to dissolve and scrape off the darn glue they had used! In case you ever have to do that, wear industrial strength latex gloves becuase the stuff you use to strip the glue can also strip all the skin off your hands. Ask me how I know.
not pretty!
I have my eye on the living room carpet next becuase it is vintage 70's avacodo sculptured stuff.
yeah, I could feel you cringe! But, sadly my husband is dragging his feet on this one as we already have about 81 home improvement projects going right now.
heavy sigh.

Carole said...

What?!!? That can't be! Girl, sit yourself down with a glass or wine or breverage of preference and reflect on what you just said! LOL You've been at it for too long, you need a breack. Go and fondle some fabric, PLEASE! Have fun!

Su Bee said...

Oh my - should we organize a rescue party? LOL - get it out from under your skin and you'll be so relaxed! And congrats on the new floor to come!

Sarah Nopp said...

Wow! You are well along the obsession superhighway LOL
I am so glad you see the humor in it and are willing to share with sane quilting world :)

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

It'a a big job. I pulled up all the carpet in my old house and tossed it, but then I had to get the pliers and pull out all the rusted staples from the floorboards. I can still feel the pain! But the boards looked nice when varnished - is that what you're planning?