Judy L's UFO Challenge

Friday, May 11, 2007

My Dream Quilt. When I sent this question out my mind was a blank. I am not sure when I had that lightbulb moment but realized I do have a dream quilt. I want to make a Crazy Quilt. I think the first time I saw a Crazy Quilt in person was when I was a kid camping with my family and family friends. They had utility quilts that were tied. I remember they were super heavy and can only imagine what was inside. I hated those things as they smelled bad and I hated getting near them.

My next encounter was a much happier one. My mother and I went to the "1890 House" in Cortland, NY. I had been born and raised there but never been to this house. It is now a museum. We looked at the architecture and antiquities throughout the house. We climbed the stairs and entered a dark bedroom. On the bed was the most beautiful crazy quilt I had ever seen. This quilt is what I think of when a crazy quilt comes up in conversation. It was made of beautiful velvets and satins in dark colors and had a lot of embellishments. I was already quilting by this time and have been collecting doodads for my dream crazy quilt ever since.

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