Judy L's UFO Challenge

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


How do retired people keep up with the day of the week? I only had yesterday off and wondered at least once what day it was today. The only thing that gave it away was that I was at church sewing with the ladies.

I took two projects with me. One was my Scrappy Mountain Majesties and the other was my selvedge Christmas tree wall hanging. I worked on SMM sewing the rows together until I realized I was missing blocks. I sewed half the rows together.

While I was trying to decide if I wanted to sew the rest together or wait I switched to my Christmas tree. I decided to miter the borders.

I sewed the top and bottom border on. I repaired some missed seams. I sewed one corner and didn’t like the results so picked it out. The corners are pinned. I’m thinking of top stitching them. It will sit while I’m at retreat.

I continued on with SMM and added two more rows. Now I needed the missing blocks (left at home) in order to finish.

I went home and found the errant blocks. They’re all safely packed with the rest of my things heading to retreat.

How many projects this time for this 3.5 day retreat? I think there are five. Scrappy Mountain Majesties, rail fence project, Walk in the Park (jelly roll pattern), drunkards path project and Saturday Sampler borders. Oh, I better find that pattern!

That’s it folks. Next time I’ll be reporting from Witchita Falls, TX.

What are you working on?



patty a. said...

Your scrappy mountain is so pretty! Good luck getting lots done at your retreat! I am working on the pink and lavender flannel top and I need to get back to the DWR quilt top. I have been a bit lazy after I get home from work so I haven't worked on the DWR for more than a week! It will never get done if I don't work on it! LOL!!!

Chantal said...

SMM is looking great so far. I'm working on one of the corner of 365 Challenge and the seams are cooperating so I have to start all over. :( Enjoy your retreat. Can't wait to see what you have worked on during 3.5 days. ;^)

QuiltSwissy said...

Ohhh....We used to live in Witchita Falls! Just off the air force base.